Plastic Clipboard A4 Letter Size

  • Rugged clipboard Some other clipboards made of inferior plastic are fragile and can easily be bent and broken during use. However, our clipboard uses high-quality raw materials, which are very strong, not easy to break, and have smooth and rounded edges. It can adapt to a variety of different writing environments and is durable, providing you with a superior writing experience. I think what you need is such a clipboard that can accompany you for many years!
  • Unique choice Our clipboard is colorful and the assorted package contains two blue, two green and two transparent clipboards. We will introduce a wider range of products in the future. There is always a color you like! In addition, we have two rulers of different measurement units on both sides of the clipboard to meet your needs.
  • Rugged clip High-quality clips and springs can effectively hold your paper, and the rubber pads at the corners have a strong grip. It can hold up to 80-100 sheets of paper.
  • Easy Carrying and Hanging The clipboard measures 9″ x 12.5″,letter size and is easy to carry and easy to organize. The top has a retractable loop that can be stowed when not in use.

USD $ 19.35

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