Reseller Program

Our mission is to make the world a happier place and you can help make that happen.

Become a reseller for a global leader that delivers the best products and the best customer satisfaction in the business.

We are the market leader in our own segment and we are looking for enthusiastic resellers in all countries. Measuring and including customer satisfaction as one of a company’s KPIs is becoming an increasingly popular way of making and maintaining a business profitable, and we already have one of the most impressive customer reference lists in the world. You could make the list even more impressive by signing up to be a certified reseller. Offer amazing real-life case studies to show a direct correlation between improved customer satisfaction and business profitability to help you in your sales efforts.

Working with us means you have a unique opportunity to join a dynamic team of professionals, but you will be responsible for the sales efforts and will lead your own sales and marketing activities. We are here to help you wherever you need, in order to grow the business for the both of us.
We set you up as a Certified Reseller – we sell directly to you, rather than your customers. You manage your customer relationships and also receive a reseller discount on everything in our vast inventory. This includes a 20% discount on all products not already offered at a discounted price and you can also take advantage of expedited or free shipping, as well as VIP attention.

We will manage the entire process for you, including processing, proofing, and tracking orders. Your customer receives their completed order, shipped from our production facility.

For many of our reseller partners, it happens several times each month – you have customers who request items that you don’t readily have available. Instead of turning them away, our range of products can complement your selection. By partnering with us, you will be able to fulfill your customers’ orders seamlessly while earning a nice profit.

Working with Connect Shop Now opens doors to a whole new world of opportunity. You’ll discover that we only deliver the best service in the industry through our team of dedicated account managers.

Your account will be in the very capable hands of a professional and knowledgeable specialist, so you will always have one person to go to for all your questions. We manage the process of delivering custom products per specifications and will always meet stated deadlines each and every month. By partnering with us, you can be assured that you will always shine.

The Connect Shop Now Reseller Partner Program offers you additional product and revenue streams for your business. Current partners have already discovered that having a wider range of products not only increases revenue, but also improves their relationships with existing customers and creates new ones.

Increase repeat business by selling Connect Shop Now, the world’s number-one source of personal use products. With us, you’ll experience top-tier retention rates and other reseller opportunities to achieve even greater results. Our customers come back to us time and time again because they demand high quality, easy-to-use products that just work, and Connect Shop Now delivers.